Posted by: rlearmonth | March 22, 2008

A Seahorse for Harper

I have a granddaughter who loves ponies and horses, and most things associated with them. So when I heard that there had been seahorses sighted at a dive site near Taci Tolu, I went to try to find one. I thought Harper might like to see a non-terrestrial kind of horse.

My dive partner and I were initially disappointed in the visibility, only five meters at best. It is still rainy season, and the water holds sediment from stream runoff and currents. However, after about 30 minutes we were rewarded by seeing a solitary seahorse at a depth of 19 meters – such a delicate and fragile creature.

I took the picture, which I’m afraid is a little blurry, with a small Olympus Stylus 770 SW, rated as waterproof to 10 meters. I have taken it to 22 meters, without apparent negative consequences. At that depth, the LCD screen becomes concave.




  1. dear grandpa

    i saw the seahorse. i am sorry that you
    are going to miss easter.

    i miss you

    love harper

  2. You capture it underwater well. You must have swam fast towards it.

  3. Thank you. The seahorse allowed me to slowly approach to less than a meter. I think the reason it is burred is because I was too close for the focal range of the camera. I took another photo from a little further away that I will try to enlarge.

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