Posted by: rlearmonth | April 19, 2008

The Kayak

I took temporary custody of a kayak a few weeks ago, from a New Zealander who has left the country for a few months and needed to have someone look after it for him while he is away. He was staying in a hotel a few kilometers down the beach from my cabin. I met him there on a Sunday morning and set off to paddle back to my place. Of course, this enterprise attracted considerable attention from a herd of little boys, who were eager to launch me into the surf. In spite of the “help,” I managed to paddle past the surf and into clear water without capsizing, an achievement for a neophyte paddler.

Approaching the beach in front of my cabin, I again attracted a herd of little boys, some in the water and some on the beach. It would have been fun letting them try paddling, but there was a bit of a current, and the wind was picking up from the northeast, beginning to churn up a few whitecaps. So my ever-eager crew helped me pull the boat out of the water, and I let each of them sit in it and simulate paddling.

The kayak is now under my deck. I have been taking it out to practice the fine art of paddling. But I’ll never get as casually skilled as the local fishermen piloting their dugouts in and out. They know exactly how to get through the surf gracefully and seemingly without effort.




  1. That sounds like such fun. Between the kayaking and diving it sounds like you will spend a lot of time playing in the ocean (and with herds of little boys). Have fun. We miss you.

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