Posted by: rlearmonth | April 30, 2008

A Lionfish for Sabina

My granddaughter Sabina is probably too little to know very much about lions, much less lionfish; although at two, she knows an astonishing number of things. I want to show her a lionfish. I saw this fellow at a depth of 16 meters, peeking out from under a big barrel sponge. I laid on the ocean floor with my camera ready, hoping he would come out. I could see his “mane” under the sponge, but he didn’t seem interested in posing for a picture. I cautiously waved my hand in front of the opening – cautiously because the feathery fins pack a poisonous punch if touched.

He came out, and obliged me by staying still long enough for a picture. Sabina, do you suppose he can roar like the other kind of lion?

On this dive, I found the depth limit of my little camera. At 28 meters, the sliding lens cover refused to budge from the pressure. Next time I will open it at a shallower depth before descending.



  1. Hi Papa,
    Sabina and I have had a talk about lionfish. I think it is a little confusing though because all fish are goldfish at the moment and it does not look like a lion to her. So we talked for a while about lions and fish separately. She was happy to roar for you, but then went and got her little plastic lion to be sure we were all talking about the right kind of lions.
    She loves the picture though, even if it’s name is a little confusing. There was delighted chatter and many attempts to touch the computer screen while we were looking. She also liked the pictures of the market (and insisted the tomatoes were apples with the passion of a two year old).
    Love, A

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