Greetings. My name is Bob Learmonth. I am an American living in Timor-Leste, an independent country on the east side of the island of Timor, which is an island at the eastern end of Indonesia. I am spending a year here working on a project for the U.S.-based organization ACDI/VOCA to help resolve conflict over land claims, and establish a formal system of land ownership in the country. This is an account of my time here for family and friends. Feel free to send me a note and stay in touch, or drop by periodically and catch up on the project.


  1. waiting to hear that your travels are going well. Best wishes Ruth and Dan

  2. Hello Bob,
    I have been lurking all year… thank you for your posts as I’ve enjoyed reading them, knowing some of what and how you are doing, and learning a lot. I didn’t respond to any bec I did not feeling like I had anything that would add to the conversation. But, upon the New Year here, I “resolved” to at very least express my appreciation! I hope that you and everyone are well. Are you indeed coming back to the US this spring, being one year after you left?
    Best wishes,
    Alicia Lucksted

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