flushbigThis is my transportation, a Honda motorbike manufactured in China. It has a decal on the side (very flashy) that I think should say “Flash.” Unfortunately, it says “Flush.” But the motorbike and I are getting along fine.


  1. Maybe it means “flush with success” — your seahorse is a remarkable accomplishment for a new diver…I can’t wait to go again. My Puerto Rico dive was all too short and long ago (feb)..probably will do some quarry dives until something better comes along…have a wonderful time with Susan

  2. Howdy Bob…it’s been nice to check up on you and your wayward ways so far away. I guess it will be awhile before you return for some more bike rides. It’ll be tough without Flush.

    We are in the middle of LAX season with Eli still the leading scorer in his last year in high school. He has been able to have a good sports life the last 4 years, great grades (all A’s), and good looking girl friends. He will be attending San Diego University next fall and playing lacrosse.

    Jane keeps playing soccer. I XC skied a bunch this winter with record snowfall on Mt. Hood. Nothing like diving for seahorses tho. Stay dry, Tom

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